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                                                                 Jan Tooker's big loom   
This Swedish loom is my favorite.  It is 60" wide and almost reaches the ceiling in our basement..

 Jan Tooker         Jan Tooker weaving by a river in Yellowstone
        Table loom on a rug         Basket of yarn
Demonstrating weaving at the
Artist Market at Sonata.
Weaving next to a river in
the woods of Yellowstone National Park

Demonstrating at Sonata, from a
different perspective
A basket of yarn
  Piece on the loom Clergy stole on the loom
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A piece on the loom, still in progress.  
Watch for this piece to show up on the gallery page!
Working on a clergy stole

I have been weaving about 8 years.  I hope you enjoy my pieces.
Click on my Gallery to see some things I've made.
I have had rugs at a show at the Burkholder Project in Lincoln in 2007 and 2010,
at the Graham Gallery in Hastings in 2008, and at Westminster Presbyterian Church in 2013 where
one of my pieces (Rosepath Rug) won the People's Choice Award.

If you would like me to make a piece especially for you, call or email me to discuss a design, colors, size, price, etc.
Jan Tooker, Lincoln NE   Phone:  402-432-9837, Email:

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